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We will work with you to find the plan that suits your needs. We’d love to chat about what you’re working on and how Blaze can help.

URL Limits

The number of URLs is determined by the total number of pieces of content on the sites that you are crawling across all projects. If you go over your limit, we will notify you and ask you to upgrade. We won’t disable your account or stop you from working right away.

Projects Limits

A project is simply a container for your work. What is special about projects is that at the project level you can determine each user’s permissions. Since you have unlimited users, you may want to add your clients to your project as well. Or not. Your call.

Deleted Projects

Deleting Projects is an option to help clean up your Account. Once a Project is deleted, the Project and URLs are removed from your Account Limits. Deleting your Project removes it from the Blaze application and puts it into “cold storage” as backup. There is no user interface for retrieving you Projects from “cold storage”. If you need to restore a Project, contact us and we will help you. Fees may apply. Restoring Projects adds the Project and URL counts back to your Account Limits.

Pricing Options

Monthly plans are billed at the beginning of the payment cycle and can be cancelled at any time. If cancelled your access will remain available until the next payment cycle would have started. Annual subscriptions are billed for the entire year, when you sign up. Signing up for an annual agreement creates a subscription that automatically renews each year. Once a payment has been processed we are unable to offer refunds. All billing is in US dollars.

Changing Subscriptions

In your account settings you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. You can change the plan size as well as the billing frequency. Upgrades happen as soon as you confirm the change. Downgrades happen at the end of the billing cycle.

Custom Plans

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, therefore we want to hear from you! Simply send us an email and we will work together to figure out a plan that works for you.

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