Content Audit Software

Whether you’re preparing for a website overhaul, reevaluating your strategy, or keeping tabs on dozens of content contributors — Blaze is designed to help.

Automated Content Inventory

Multiple authors, disparate departments, a motley assortment of technologies — websites are messy things. Working with your current systems, Blaze retrieves data from multiple sources to create a single inventory of all your online content.

Screenshot of Blaze content audit software

Efficient Content Auditing

Context is important, so we put the audit interface side by side with your content, metadata, and analytics. Navigate through your content audit as easily as browsing the site. Collaborate in real time, without locked or lost files. From the big-picture business goals to the nuance of voice and tone, Blaze keeps the focus on your content.

Screenshot showing content auditing interface of Blaze content strategy software

Strategic Insight

Auditing the qualitative aspects of your content can be time consuming. Increase the payoff by mixing in quantitative metrics. Slice data in new ways. Set yourself up for a rolling content audit. Discover opportunities and set priorities.

Screenshot of Blaze content audit software showing a content quality spider chart