Reimagining the Content Audit: Introducing Blaze

Blaze was recently featured as part of 1 Million Cups, a series of entrepreneurial gatherings. It was a great opportunity to talk about how we are rethinking the content audit tools available to strategists.

We had a great audience at Vault with a variety of perspectives on the content challenges faced by nearly every business today. With companies creating more content than ever before, in media that didn’t exist a few years ago, what can be done to keep the rapid cycle of authoring and publishing new content in check?

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Reimagining the Content Audit: Introducing Blaze

A New Set of Content Strategy Tools

Screenshot of Blaze content strategy software

We want to help you tell the story of your content strategy. To give you the tools to share your vision with clients and stakeholders. To demonstrate the results produced by content done right.

Digital marketers are faced with an unprecedented range of options for publishing content in various media, across multiple channels, viewed on myriad devices, using any number of technologies… the opportunities are beyond the reach of anyone's resources.

No one has time to research, write, edit, optimize, approve, design, and maintain the wrong content.

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A New Set of Content Strategy Tools

Confab Minneapolis: More than Words

This post originally appeared on Geonetric’s GeoVoices Blog.

This week, Geonetric content experts Maggie and Jill joined me at the Confab Minneapolis conference. We were among more than six hundred content strategists whose projects run the gamut from global enterprises to two-person Web teams, manufacturing to healthcare, retail to non-profit.

Much time was spent as you’d expect: talking about words. Creating the appropriate voice for your organization, dealing with content overload, and, in general, creating better content experiences.

If you’re a Geonetric client, this would have been familiar ground, thanks to our eHealth Symposium and clients-only webinars. You already know how to create better cross-device experiences through responsive design, why structured content is essential for the future of search, how to find the right voice and tone for writing about healthcare, and how to make smarter content decisions using data. And if you don’t have time to stay on top of it all, you’ve got a team of smart folks backing you up.

For all of the talk about content, in reality, the conference was more about people than words.

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Confab Minneapolis: More than Words