Confab 2014: It’s Not About the Content

Letters spelling "Confab" on stage with red curtain.

Hundreds of content strategists assembled in Minneapolis to celebrate the trials and triumphs encountered while helping organizations tell their stories online. What is it that sets this conference apart?

Umm, obviously it’s the cake.

A rapidly expanding number of events are filled with sessions on content — how to create content for your brand, how to promote and distribute content, how to layer marketing on top of your marketing. Confab, however, is one of the few gatherings where you hear genuine empathy and concern for the human being on the other end of that content. This hold true both from the stage and in the halls. Not only that, the people in these rooms are empowered with the tools to make a difference.

Tapping into the broader domain of user experience, content strategists embrace methods that grant deep insight into the hearts, minds, and actual behaviors of their audiences. Presentation after presentation featured meaningful experiences. Meaningful because the content makes an emotional connection. It cares about what we care about. It makes us laugh, cry, call our moms, or get pissed off. It changes our minds and our behavior. All of this while still supporting the highly-commercial objectives of global brands. These experiences are designed.

To create these extraordinary content experiences the presenters traveled varied paths. But most recommended a common first step: Start with a content audit. It’s the place to begin. Digging through your content is a chance to discover the hidden potential.

As Blaze evolves, we’re working to support this balance between business and user orientations. It’s great (and necessary) to quantify your content, see the numbers of visits and views, search rank, or social shares. But it’s not enough.

The great content you’re creating is for people, not machines — a fact that was clear even in the SEO sessions at Confab. With Blaze we’re enabling strategists to have more time to focus on those human aspects. More time to apply insights from user research to the reality of content. Tweaking formulas or wrestling with macros doesn’t help decide if your content is making an emotional connection.

It’s easy to forget that it’s really not about the content at all.

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Confab 2014: It’s Not About the Content