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Keynote speaker Jay Baer has said, “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. The combination is powerful.” We couldn't agree more.

We’re excited to help sponsor a fantastic event — Social Brand Forum 2013 — October 24-25 at the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Coralville, IA. Listed among the “10 Top Social Media Conferences For Marketers,” this event features nationally-recognized speakers on social media and content marketing. Last year’s forum attracted a sellout crowd of digital marketers and social media strategists. (Time is running out, so register right now.)

Blaze will be on hand to share how we’re helping digital strategists discover valuable insights and develop a solid content strategy. Stop by our table to learn more about our content strategy software, currently in private beta.

Content strategy for the social brand

Compelling content is the foundation of successful social engagement. If you’re like most digital marketers, you’re feeling the pressure to publish more content, more frequently, in more media. It’s essential to take full advantage of the content you’ve already created, and make wise investments in new content development.

Blaze is designed to help you see how content aligns with business strategy, key audiences, and their buying process. Our web-based software can help you answer important questions, like:

  • Do you have sufficient content pillars to support your social strategy?
  • Have you addressed each audience’s needs throughout the buying process?
  • Is content appropriately balanced across topics, audiences, and buying stages?
  • Where are the gaps and opportunities for developing new content?
  • What is the primary message and call to action for each piece of content?

…and that’s just the beginning. We’ve got a big vision, and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to share it with a great community of digital marketing and social media leaders.

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Discover Blaze at Social Brand Forum