A New Set of Content Strategy Tools

Screenshot of Blaze content strategy software

We want to help you tell the story of your content strategy. To give you the tools to share your vision with clients and stakeholders. To demonstrate the results produced by content done right.

Digital marketers are faced with an unprecedented range of options for publishing content in various media, across multiple channels, viewed on myriad devices, using any number of technologies… the opportunities are beyond the reach of anyone's resources.

No one has time to research, write, edit, optimize, approve, design, and maintain the wrong content.

But, it still happens. The momentum of the publishing cycle takes over, without authors fully understanding the purpose of the content they are creating. We discover we've wandered off the trail. We’re lost in a forest of pages, posts, emails, tweets, pins, and tumbles. How do we find our way back?

Content strategy tools for the way we work

Blaze is designed to help organizations find that strategic path and stay on it. To break out of the publishing cycle, evaluate their content, and develop a strategy that will ensure their efforts produce results.

To make this happen we need efficient, repeatable processes. Current methods using general-purpose tools are too clunky, especially as social media, content marketing, and multi-channel strategy add to the sheer quantity of content that needs to be considered.

It is time for a completely new set of tools. Ones that are built for the current reality of how we work:

  • Content is truly everywhere
  • Qualitative and quantitative perspectives are better together
  • Cross-functional collaboration is required
  • Continual, iterative improvements are how we get there

Blaze is content audit software designed for the modern landscape. We are well under way, tackling the challenges of inventorying, auditing, analyzing, and planning content.

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A New Set of Content Strategy Tools