Meet the cloud-based content audit platform made for content strategy.
Inventory, audit, and analyze your online content. Identify gaps. Map your strategy. Keep your business goals and customer experience on the right path.
Your all-in-one content strategy solution
Centralize your content
Understanding the scope of your project is critical. Blaze creates a single content inventory, including metadata and analytics from multiple websites, microsites, and blogs.
Analyze and audit content
The bots haven’t taken over completely. In the meantime, Blaze makes it easy to evaluate content, creating a content audit with your expert, human insight. No red pen required.
Launch a plan of action
What needs to be done? How much work will it be? Find gaps and opportunities. Flag content for archiving, migrating, or rewriting. Get a grasp on the effort you should expect.
How does it work?
Create an inventory
Pick a URL to start with and indicate what to keep or skip. Blaze crawls the site, gathering data about your pages and files.
Plug in analytics
Connect an analytics account — or several! Select the set of data and date range. Blaze matches the visitor data to your content.
Share the results
Slice and combine data in new ways. Sort, filter, and export your results and recommendations.
Audit all the things
See audit fields and your content together in one screen. Navigate your audit as easily as browsing the site.
Who uses Blaze?
Agencies and consultants
Content strategists use Blaze to scope projects and gather information to guide and support their recommendations. They spend their time analyzing content and gaining insight, not fixing formulas.
In-house web teams
Digital marketing teams collaborate using Blaze to keep their strategy on the same page. The software is designed for multiple users to work together to divide and conquer.
What are people saying?
The most horrific part of doing a content audit used to be the sheer time it took to put one together. We’re working with websites with pages in the hundreds, so mapping all of that by hand was tedious, to say the least. Blaze has been tremendously helpful here.
Becky Vardaman | Converge Consulting
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