Get to know your content.

Inventory, audit, and analyze your online content. Identify gaps. Map your strategy. Keep your business goals and customer experience on the right path.

Screenshot of Blaze content audit software showing qualitative audit fields

From Audit to Action

Content audit making you wonder when you became an accountant? Ditch the 50-column spreadsheet, the cutting, pasting, and formula-tweaking. Focus on your content.

Screenshot showing web analytics data in Blaze content strategy software

Meaningful Data

Mix in analytics data to understand what’s getting used and by whom. Slice and combine data in new ways to discover how user behavior aligns with your content strategy.

Multi-Channel Content

All Together Now

Content is truly everywhere. You’ve got multiple sites, blogs, social channels, and more. See how all the pieces of your multi-channel strategy fit together.

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“Spreadsheets are the perfect tool for developing my organization’s content strategy.”
– No one. Ever.